Coffee Recipes

Browse through our recipe collection and find inspiration for all kinds of creative speciality coffees.

  • Café Amarillo Ingredients (for 4 persons) 4 x 45 ml espresso 4 fresh egg yolks 4 tbsp sugar 80 ml milk 4 scoops vanilla ice cream 4 ice cubes Preparation Put the ice cubes in a shaker. Prepare the espressi in the same shaker. Beat the yolks, sugar and milk until frothy and add to the shaker. Shake for about 20 seconds. Divide the ice cream between four dessert ...
  • Banana Flip Ingridients (for 1 person) 100 ml coffee 20 ml banana flavoured coffee syrup 1 tsp vanilla sugar Whipped cream Chocolate flakes Preparation Prepare a coffee. Add the coffee syrup and vanilla sugar and stir well until the sugar crystals have dissolved. Pour the coffee drink into a decorative glass. Serving suggestion Decorate your Banana Flip with a topping of whipped cream and a few chocolate flakes.
  • Bananarama Ingredients (for 1 person) 30 ml ristretto 20 ml banana liqueur 1 tbsp whipped cream 1 pinch ground ginger Preparation Pour banana liqueur into a small martini glass. Slowly add freshly prepared ristretto so that two layers form. Top with whipped cream. Serving suggestion Dust cream with a little ground ginger.
  • Adam’s Vanilla Dream Ingredients (for 1 person) 100 ml coffee 20 ml “Green Apple” syrup 10 ml vanilla syrup 4 ice cubes Preparation Prepare the coffee directly into a shaker. Add both syrups and ice. Shake the shaker for 20 seconds. Pour the mixture into a decorative glass. Tip Decorate with a straw.
  • Café crème Ingridients (for 1 person) 100 ml coffee Cream Preparation Place the coffee cup under the coffee spout. Prepare a coffee with 100 ml of water. Serving suggestion Prewarmed coffee cup, Saucer for coffee cup, Coffee spoon, Sugar, Cream