The consequences of the calcification

CLARIS plus filter cartridges
CLARIS plus filter cartridges
Coffee contains 98% water. This means that fresh cold water is essential to achieving perfect coffee results. Heating the water causes calcium to be deposited. Unless the water is filtered this will result in a narrowing of the water pipes or even calcification of the thermoblock.

As a consequence

  • it will then be impossible to heat the water to the desired temperature
  • the water may have an insipid aftertaste
  • extraction of the coffee into the cup will no longer be even
  • the quality of the crema will be affected
  • service and operating costs get higher
  • the energy consumption increases

The intelligent solution

JURA offers an intelligent solution: CLARIS plus filter cartridges, developed specifically for automatic coffee machines.

  • The water is optimally prepared for coffee-making, with a pH that is neutral for coffee.
  • The CLARIS plus filter cartridge protects the machine against calcium deposits and extends its lifetime.
  • Ensures consistently high water quality and therefore coffee quality.
  • The machine does not need to be descaled.

The professional up-flow principle

The CLARIS plus filter cartridge is based on the up-flow principle. During the coffeemaking process the water is drawn in and rises upwards through the filter. The slats on the base of the cartridge prevent large particles from entering.

  • You always have exactly the right quantity of freshly filtered water required for your coffee.
  • You never end up with stagnant, previously filtered water where bacteria can breed.
  • The up-flow principle ensures that the filter works to optimum effect.
  • The minerals and fluorides that are important for health are retained.
The up-flow principle
The up-flow principle

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